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Monday, August 8, 2011

Proof of Abdals from Tafsir ibn e kathir

In the tafsir (interpretation) of verse 252 of Sura Al Baqara Ibn e Kathir has qouted a Hadith of Ibn e Jareer :

Due to the ability/quality of a true Muslim Allah blesses/makes fair the progeny of his progeny and his family and his neighbours and until his presence they all remain in the protection of Allah.
This hadith is said to be gharib.

Ibn e Mardoya's hadith :

Until the Day of Resurrection,there'll be 60 such persons in each time period by whom (i.e due to their blessed presence) you'll be helped and you'll be sent rain and given sustainance

Ibn e Mardoya has reported another hadith with the change that number of abdals have been reported to be 30 in that tradition.the narrator of that hadith Hazrat Qatadah R.A says that according to him (i.e Qatadah R.A) Hazrat Syedna Imam Hassan A.S was also one of them (i.e Hazrat Syedna Imam Hassan R.A was also an Abdal)

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