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Monday, August 29, 2011

Guidelines for the inheritance in case of kalalah

They ask you for a legal verdict. Say: "Allâh directs (thus) about Al¬Kalâlah (those who leave neither descendants nor ascendants as heirs). If it is a man that dies, leaving a sister, but no child, she shall have half the inheritance. If (such a deceased was) a woman, who left no child, her brother takes her inheritance. If there are two sisters, they shall have two-thirds of the inheritance; if there are brothers and sisters, the male will have twice the share of the female. (Thus) does Allâh makes clear to you (His Law) lest you go astray. And Allâh is the All-Knower of everything."

An-Nisa 176

Merits of Syedna Imam Hussain (MAy Allah bless Him and his family with peace) in the light of Quran

Then, as for those who believed and did good works, unto them will He pay their wages in full, adding unto them of His bounty; and as for those who were scornful and proud, them will He punish with a painful doom. And they will not find for them, against Allah, any protecting friend or helper.

An-Nisa 173

I personally feel that this verse is a scale.The first part of the verse is the merit of Syedna Imam Hussain (May Allah's blessings be upon Him and His family) who did righteous acts throughout His life and the second half is declaring the end of Yazid (May Allah's curse be upon Him forever)
who became so proud and so endorsed in the ecstasy of power and government that he made the heavens cry on his cursed evil action.

O christians ! Leave trinity

O people of the Scripture! Do not exceed the limits in your religion, nor say of Allâh aught but the truth. The Messiah Īsā(Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), was (no more than) a Messenger of Allâh and His Word, ("Be!" - and he was) which He bestowed on Maryam (Mary) and a spirit (Rûh)[] created by Him; so believe in Allâh and His Messengers. Say not: "Three (trinity)!" Cease! (it is) better for you. For Allâh is (the only) One Ilâh (God), glory be to Him (Far Exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allâh is All¬Sufficient as a Disposer of affairs

The Messiah will never be proud to reject to be a slave of Allâh, nor the angels who are near (to Allâh). And whosoever rejects His worship and is proud, then He will gather them all together unto Himself.

An-Nisa 171-172

A beautiful verse regarding the Honour of Seal of Prophets (May Allah's blessings be upon Him and His family and progeny)

But Allah bears witness that what He has revealed to you, has revealed it with His knowledge. The angels too, bear witness, (though) Allah is sufficient as witness.

Verily those who disbelieve and keep others from the way of Allah, have surely strayed far away.

Surely, those who disbelieved and transgressed, Allah is not going to forgive them, nor to lead them to a way

Except the way of Hell, to dwell therein forever, and this is ever easy for Allâh.

O mankind! Verily, there has come to you the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with the Haqq (truth) from your Lord, so believe in him, it is better for you. But if you disbelieve, then certainly to Allâh belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. And Allâh is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise

An-Nisa 166-170

Quran is the book of wisdom since it has been revealed with the knowledge of Allah--The divine knowledge.There can be no flaw in this book.Therefor for sure,this book must be and this is the only perfect book with the perfect guidelines and commandments from Creator of Heavens and Earths.

Those who keep other people away from Allah are strayed.The way of Prophet SAW (May Allah's blessings be upon Him and His progeny and family) is the way of Allah.Therefor this means those who forbid from following the sunnah (way) of Seal of Prophets Syedna Muhammad SAW ,they are strayed.

Whatever Prophet SAW said was from divine knowledge and divine power.It wasn't in his personal capacity.Allah is addressing momineen that Syedna Muhammad SAw has come to momineen with Haqq----The truth.Haqq may be regarded a the divine reality with which the Seal of Prophets and the pride of creations Syedna Muhammad SAW was dressed.Therefor it is the part of the faith to believe in His divine reality (i.e believing that Allah JWA blessed Him with ilm-ul-ghayb and that He'll intercede for us and that He is innocent etc.).

This also confirms to that our Prophet SAW is on the highest station among creations where no one among the creations has reached and no one can reach (since He has come from Haq from Allah )

The divine guidance has been completed

(Allah sent) Messengers as bearers of good news as well as of warning in order that mankind should have no plea against Allâh after the (coming of) Messengers. And Allâh is Ever All-Powerful, All-Wise.

An-Nisa 165


The commandments of Allah are now final and enough for the mankind to be on the right path.Only the path of Syedna Muhammad SAW would be accepted.Syedna Muhammad SAW (May Allah's peace and blessing be upon Him and His progeny) said that there would be 73 sects of His nation.Only one of them would be on the right path rest all would go to Hell.He also said that His nation can never be agreed on (an evil matter/ a wrong way) so be among the biggest group (of believers).All thse points are sufficient to prove the truth of Swad-Al-Azam (the biggest group of Muslims ) ,ehich is,Ahl-as-sunnah wal jamaat.

Allah's torment isn't for those who converted to Islam from disbelief

For the wrong-doing of the Jews, We made unlawful for them certain good foods which has been lawful for them, and for their hindering many from Allâh's Way;

And their taking of Ribâ (usury) though they were forbidden from taking it and their devouring of men's substance wrongfully (bribery). And We have prepared for the disbelievers among them a painful torment.

But those among them who are well-grounded in knowledge, and the believers, believe in what has been sent down to you (Muhammad SAW) and what was sent down before you, and those who perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and give Zakât and believe in Allâh and in the Last Day, it is they to whom We shall give a great reward.

An-Nisa 161-162

Usuary is one of the biggest curse

For the wrong-doing of the Jews, We made unlawful for them certain good foods which has been lawful for them, and for their hindering many from Allâh's Way;

And for their charging Riba (usury or interest) while they were forbidden from it, and for their devouring of the properties of the people by false means. We have prepared, for the disbelievers among them, a painful punishment.

An-Nisa 160-161


Islam is the only religion which ensures the human rights of its followers .Islam forbids from usury as it thrives the exploitation of the poor and needy.Islam has given detailed and evergreen guidelines about financial matters.
In the above verses the point to ponder is that usury and eating the properties of others are such big crimes that it earned the Jews the wrath of Allah.

An interesting point is that from this verse we can conclude that Jews were the first ones to create this cursed financial system and this banking system is also the product of Jewish minds.

We should avoid taking interest from this current banking system.Although some banks are doing he business of Islamic banking but i don't think that it is free of doubts either.Saving accounts are particularly highly questionable,so try to avoid it
I saw a decree (fatwa) of a cleric of Minhaj Ul Quran ,(the organization of Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri) that p.l.s accounts are halal as they deal on the basis of profit and loss instead of fixed deposit.This decree seems to be somewhat satisfactory that accounts dealing on profit-loss basis are permissible.

Jesus will return

No one will remain from among the People of the Book but will certainly believe in him
[Īsā (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), as a human] being
before he dies,and on the Day of Doom, he shall be a witness against them.

An-Nisa 159

Proof of fana and baqa

Verily, those who disbelieve in Allâh and His Messengers and wish to make distinction between Allâh and His Messengers (by believing in Allâh and disbelieving in His Messengers) saying, "We believe in some but reject others," and wish to adopt a way in between.

They are in truth disbelievers. And We have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating torment.

An-Nisa 150-151

This verse seems to me declaring that many of Messengers were on the station of Fana (annihilation of the self).I have used many instead of all because Hazrat Ali Hajveri a.k.a Daat Saahib Qaddas Allahu Sirrahu'l Aziz has mentioned in Kashf-ul-Mehjub that our beloved Seal of Prophets Syedna Muhammad SAW was on the station of Jama-al-Jama which is the highest station.

Oppressed can speak evil (against oppressor)

Allâh does not like that the evil should be uttered in public except by him who has been wronged. And Allâh is Ever All¬Hearer, All¬Knower.

An-Nisa 148

Even in doing so,the oppressed must not transgress limits and if the oppressor makes a false allegation against him (particularly sexual) the oppressed should refrain from doing so as counter act.

Allah loves thankful believers

Why should Allâh punish you if you have thanked (Him) and have believed in Him. And Allâh is Ever All¬Appreciative (of good), All¬Knowing.

An-Nisa 147

Don't befriend disbelievers by leaving Muslims

O you who believe! Take not for Auliyâ' (protectors or helpers or friends) disbelievers instead of believers. Do you wish to offer Allâh a manifest proof against yourselves?

Verily, the hyprocrites will be in the lowest depths (grade) of the Fire; no helper will you find for them.

Except those who repent (from hypocrisy), do righteous good deeds, hold fast to Allâh, and purify their religion for Allâh (by worshipping none but Allâh, and do good for Allâh’s sake only, not to show off), then they will be with the believers. And Allâh will grant the believers a great reward.

An-Nisa 144-146

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Attention in prayers (salat) is obligatory for momineen

Verily, the hypocrites seek to deceive Allâh, but it is He Who deceives them.[] And when they stand up for As-Salât (the prayer), they stand with laziness and to be seen of men, and they do not remember Allâh but little.

(They are) swaying between this and that, belonging neither to these nor to those, and he whom Allâh sends astray, you will not find for him a way (to the truth - Islâm).

An-Nisa 143


After reading this verse ,i am of the view that just performing the elements of Salat (prayer isn't enough) we should have the proper feeling of standing in front of Allah,bowing before him.We should have a feeling that we are no one but humble servants of Allah.

It is not fair for us that while performing Salat (prayer),worldly affairs be running in our minds.If we cant concentrate probably its an indication of our weak faith.
Second that we come to know from this verse is that we should make zikr of Allah as much as we can to make Him pleased with us because it is a sign of hypocrites mentioned in the above verse that they do not make zikr of Allah but little.

Disbelievers will never be triumphant

hose (hyprocrites) who wait and watch about you; if you gain a victory from Allâh, they say: "Were we not with you?" But if the disbelievers gain a success, they say (to them): "Did we not gain mastery over you and did we not protect you from the believers?" Allâh will judge between you (all) on the Day of Resurrection. And never will Allâh grant to the disbelievers a way (to triumph) over the believers.

An-Nisa 141

Don't sit with disbelievers (read carefully to see the resmblance of the situation to the situation today i.e wahhabis,shias etc

And it has already been revealed to you in the Book (this Qur'ân) that when you hear the Verses of Allâh being denied and mocked at, then sit not with them, until they engage in a talk other than that; (but if you stayed with them) certainly in that case you would be like them. Surely, Allâh will collect the hypocrites and disbelievers all together in Hell,

An-Nisa 140

Foreign and interior policy (A heavenly warning for those singing for Aman ki Asha )

Those who take disbelievers for Auliyâ' (protectors or helpers or friends) instead of believers, do they seek honour, power and glory with them? Verily, then to Allâh belongs all honour, power and glory.

An-Nisa 139

Punishment for Apostates (murtaddeen)

Verily, those who believe, then disbelieve, then believe (again), and (again) disbelieve, and go on increasing in disbelief; Allâh will not forgive them, nor guide them on the (Right) Way

Give to the hypocrites the tidings that there is for them a painful torment.

An-Nisa 137-138

Pillars of Iman

O you who believe! Believe in Allâh, and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and the Book (the Qur'ân) which He has sent down to His Messenger, and the Scripture which He sent down to those before (him), and whosoever disbelieves in Allâh, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, and the Last Day, then indeed he has strayed far away

An-Nisa 136

Heavenly commandment for the betterment of societies

O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allâh, even though it be against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, be he rich or poor, Allâh is a Better Protector to both (than you). So follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you avoid justice, and if you distort your witness or refuse to give it, verily, Allâh is Ever Well¬Acquainted with what you do

An-Nisa 135

Guidelines for matrimonial life

If a woman fears ill treatment or aversion from her husband, then, there is no sin on them in entering into a compromise between them. Compromise is better. Avarice is made to be present in human souls. If you do good and fear Allah, then, Allah is All-Aware of what you do.

You will never be able to do perfect justice between wives even if it is your ardent desire, so do not incline too much to one of them (by giving her more of your time and provision) so as to leave the other hanging (i.e. neither divorced nor married). And if you do justice, and do all that is right and fear Allâh by keeping away from all that is wrong, then Allâh is Ever Oft¬Forgiving, Most Merciful.

But if they separate (by divorce), Allâh will provide abundance for everyone of them from His Bounty. And Allâh is Ever All¬Sufficient for His creatures' need, All¬Wise.

And to Allâh belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And verily, We have recommended to the people of the Scripture before you, and to you (O Muslims) that you (all) fear Allâh, and keep your duty to Him, But if you disbelieve, then unto Allâh belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and Allâh is Ever Rich (Free of all wants), Worthy of all praise.

An-Nisa 127-131

Rights of orphans

They ask your legal instruction concerning women, say: Allâh instructs you about them, and about what is recited unto you in the Book concerning the orphan girls whom you give not the prescribed portions (as regards Mahr and inheritance) and yet whom you desire to marry, and (concerning) the children who are weak and oppressed, and that you stand firm for justice to orphans. And whatever good you do, Allâh is Ever All¬Aware of it.

An-Nisa 127

Reward for momineen

He [Shaitan (Satan)] makes promises to them, and arouses in them false desires; and Shaitan's (Satan) promises are nothing but deceptions.

The dwelling of such (people) is Hell, and they will find no way of escape from it.

But those who believe (in the Oneness of Allâh - Islâmic Monotheism) and do deeds of righteousness, We shall admit them to the Gardens under which rivers flow (i.e. in Paradise) to dwell therein forever. Allâh's Promise is the Truth, and whose words can be truer than those of Allâh? (Of course, none).

An-Nisa 120-122

Slitting the ears of cattle is from Satan- - -

Verily, I will mislead them, and surely, I will arouse in them false desires; and certainly, I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and indeed I will order them to change the nature created by Allâh." And whoever takes Shaitân (Satan) as a Walî (protector or helper) instead of Allâh, has surely suffered a manifest loss

An-Nisa 119

A mindset similar to that of present Hindus

They (all those who worship others than Allâh) invoke nothing but female deities besides Him (Allâh), and they invoke nothing but Shaitân (Satan), a persistent rebel!

Allâh cursed him. And he [Shaitân (Satan)] said: "I will take an appointed portion of your slaves;

Verily, I will mislead them, and surely, I will arouse in them false desires; and certainly, I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and indeed I will order them to change the nature created by Allâh." And whoever takes Shaitân (Satan) as a Walî (protector or helper) instead of Allâh, has surely suffered a manifest loss.

He [Shaitan (Satan)] makes promises to them, and arouses in them false desires; and Shaitan's (Satan) promises are nothing but deceptions.

The dwelling of such (people) is Hell, and they will find no way of escape from it

An-Nisa 117-121

Polythesim won't be forgiven

Verily! Allâh forgives not (the sin of) setting up partners (in worship) with Him, but He forgives whom He wills sins other than that, and whoever sets up partners in worship with Allâh, has indeed strayed far away.

An-Nisa 116

Don't contradict

And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the believers' way. We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell - what an evil destination.

An-Nisa 115

Commiting sin is upon man

And whoever earns sin, he earns it only against himself. And Allâh is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.

And whoever earns a fault or a sin and then throws it on to someone innocent, he has indeed burdened himself with falsehood and a manifest sin.

An-Nisa 111-112

Quran is for making judgements

Surely, We have revealed to you the Book with the truth, so that you may judge between people according to what Allah has shown you. Do not be an advocate for those who breach trust

An-Nisa 105

Pursue the enemy

And don't be weak in the pursuit of the enemy; if you are suffering (hardships) then surely, they (too) are suffering (hardships) as you are suffering, but you have a hope from Allâh (for the reward, i.e. Paradise) that for which they hope not, and Allâh is Ever All¬Knowing, All¬Wise.

An-Nisa 104

Importance of zikr(2)

Once you have finished your Salah, then, remember Allah while standing, sitting and reclining. As soon as you are secure, perform Salah as due. Surely, Salah is an obligation on the believers that is tied up with time.

An-Nisa 103

Namaz e Khauf

When you (O Messenger Muhammad SAW) are among them, and lead them in As-Salât (the prayer), let one party of them stand up [in Salât (prayer)] with you taking their arms with them; when they finish their prostrations, let them take their positions in the rear and let the other party come up which have not yet prayed, and let them pray with you taking all the precautions and bearing arms. Those who disbelieve wish, if you were negligent of your arms and your baggage, to attack you in a single rush, but there is no sin on you if you put away your arms because of the inconvenience of rain or because you are ill, but take every precaution for yourselves. Verily, Allâh has prepared a humiliating torment for the disbelievers

An-Nisa 102

Namaz e Qasr

And when you (Muslims) travel in the land, there is no sin on you if you shorten As-Salât (the prayer) if you fear that the disbelievers may put you in trial (attack you etc.), verily, the disbelievers are ever unto you open enemies.

An-Nisa 101

Emigration of 1947 (Partition of India and commandment for emigration in the light of Quran)

Verily! As for those whom the angels take (in death) while they are wronging themselves (as they stayed among the disbelievers even though emigration was obligatory for them), they (angels) say (to them): "In what (condition) were you?" They reply: "We were weak and oppressed on earth." They (angels) say: "Was not the earth of Allâh spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?" Such men will find their abode in Hell - What an evil destination!

Except the weak ones among men, women and children who cannot devise a plan, nor are they able to direct their way.

These are they whom Allâh is likely to forgive them, and Allâh is Ever Oft-Pardoning, Oft-Forgiving.

He who emigrates (from his home) in the Cause of Allâh, will find on earth many dwelling places and plenty to live by. And whosoever leaves his home as an emigrant unto Allâh and His Messenger, and death overtakes him, his reward is then surely incumbent upon Allâh. And Allâh is Ever Oft¬Forgiving, Most Merciful.

An-Nisa 97-100


After reading these verses the first thoughts which came to my mind were the high ranks of those who left their homes for the sake of Islam.While many Muslims refused to leave (present) India and stayed there.These poor Muslim brothers had to suffer the mass murder more than once in the history of (present) India.The mass murder at the time of partition was a very horrible event but after reading these verses my heart has been satisfied that they will be inshaAllah given their rewards as martyred ones.

I accept that Pakistan isn't an Ideal Islamic state yet it is better than India or united India in a way that here you can perform your religious obligations with full devotion.While in India , some time ago Dar-UL-Uloom Deoband which is the main representative of one of the many sects of Islam declared a decree (fatwa) that slaughtering a cow (even on Eid) isn't permissible for the Muslims of India.

They did this to please their Hindu leaders.Hindus and Jews can't be well wisher of the Muslims from the core of heart.

In general,these verses apply to every place on the earth where Muslims are being stopped to act upon their religion whether it be the matter of taking veil,or building mosques with minarets everywhere.Muslims should leave those lands and strive for a purely Islamic territory.They should rely on Allah ,they shouldn't bother that from where eill their sustenance (Rizq) come.Allah has declared in above verses that the person who emigrates in the way of Allah will find dwelling places on the earth.

However ,now it is our responsibility to turn our faces from this cursed democratic form of government and the laws which are made by man.Millions of Muslims had laid their lives just to get a piece of land where they would be able to lead their lives under the flag of Islam,under the rule of Islam.We are disgracing their sacrifices by supporting democracy and these corrupt leaders.Those who speak of secularism are afraid of Islam.

Those who claim that Pakistan will gain power very soon etc etc and refer it to some saints,they should remember one thing very clearly.The only and long lasting solution for the prosperity and progress of the country is the implementation of the divine law i.e Islam with its full capacity in Pakistan.Otherwise whichever period of progress or prosperity will come,it will come for a very short time.It will not last long.Before going for voting in next election ,just recall these things in your mind.

انیس سو سینتالیس کی تقسیم اور ہجرت کا حکم قرآن کی روشنی میں

اسس آیات میں بیان کیا جا رہا ہے کہ وہ لوگ جو اپنی جانوں پی ظلم کر بیٹھتے ہیں یعنی ہجرت نہیں کرتے اسی زمین کی جانب جہاں وہ اسلامی احکامات ا ادایگی ک لیا آزاد ہوں تو فرشتے ان کی جان قبض کرتے ھوئے ان سے پوچھتے ہیں کےتمہاری حالت کیا تھی؟ تو وہ کہتے ہیں ک ہم زمین میں کمزور اور مظلوم تھے تو فرشتے کہتے ہیں کہ کیا الله کی زمین کشادہ یعنی وسی نہ تھی یہ تم اس میں ہجرت کر جاتے؟اسے لوگ ہمیشہ جہنمم میں رہیں گے اور وہ کیا ہے برا ٹھکانہ ہے

سواے ان کے جو کمزور مرد ہیں یعنی جن میں طاقت نہیں عورتیں اور بچے جو نہ تو کوئی منصوبہ تشکیل دے سکتے ہیں نہ ہے خود راہ دھند سکتے ہیں یا رہ کا تعیّن کر سکتے ہیں

یہ وہ لوگ ہیں جن کے بارے میں گمان ا توققو ہے اور گمان ا غالب ہے کے الله انہیں بخش دے گا الله بخشنے والا معاف کرنے والا ہے

جو الله کی رہ میں ہجرت کرے گا وہ زمین میں ٹھکنیا کے لئے بہت سی جگہیں پاے گا اور گزر اوقات کے لئے رزق کی فراوانی پاے گا

اور جو کوئی الله اور اس کے رسول صلات و سلام علیھ
کی خاطر اپنا گھر چھوڑے گا اور اسے راستے میں اسے موت آ لے تو اسے شخص کا ذمہ الله کے ہاں ہے یعنی (اس کی نیّت کے مطابق اسے اجر مل جائے گا انشااللہ

اور الله بہت بخسنے والا اور رحم کرنے والا ہے


جب میں نے یہ آیات پڑھیں تو مجھے سن انیس سو سنتالیس کی ہجرت کا خیال آیا اور ان لوگوں کا خیال آیا جنہوں نے ہندوؤں اور انگریزوں کے مظالم سے تنگ آ کر الله کی رہ میں اپنے گھر اسس لئے چھوڑے تھے کہ اسس ملک میں ان کو اپنی زندگی الله کے قانون ک مطابق گزارنے کی آزادی ہو گی

مجھے ان لوگوں کے بولان درجات کا خیال آیا جو انہیں اپنے خالق ک ہاں ملے ہوں گے انشااللہ

ان بیچارے مسلمانوں کو تقسیم کے وقت قتل عام کا سامنا کرنا پڑا

لکن یہ آیات پڑھنے کے بعد میرے دل کو سکون ہے کے وہ لوگ الله کے ہاں اجر عظیم پا رہے ہوں گے

میں مانتا ہوں کے پاکستان ایک مثالی اسلامی ریاست نہیں ہے لکن پھر بھی یہ متحدہ ہندوستان سے بہتر ہے جس میں انگریز اور ہندو مسلمانوں کے حاکم تھے آج بھی انڈیا میں مسلمانوں کا قتل عام ہوتا ہے وہ تو خیر الگ بات لکن وہاں مسلمانوں کی صراط ا حال کیا ہے اسس کا اندازہ اسس بات سے لگیں کے وہاں کے دار ال علوم دیوبند والوں نے کچھ سال پہلے یہ فتویٰ دیا تھا

کہ ہندوستان میں رہنے والے مسلمانوں کے لئے گاہے قربان کرنا جیز نہیں ہے ظاہر ہے کے یہ فتویٰ اپنے ہندو آقاوں کو خوش کرنے کے لئے دیا گیا تھا

اسی طرح مجھے یاد پڑتا ہے کے جب مشرّف انڈیا گیا تھا اور اس نے کہا تھا کے انڈیا میں رہنے والے مسلمانوں کو بہت سے مظالم کا سامنا ہے تو شرکا میں سے ایک صاحب جن کی اچھی خاصی داڑھی تھی کہنے لگے کے ہم تو بڑے سکون سے رہ رہے ہیں ہمیں تو کوئی مسلہ نہیں

قصّہ مختصر یہ کہ یہ حکم بلامم ان تمام جگہوں کے لئے ہے میری ناقص راے کے مطابق جہاں مسلمانوں کو اپنے فرائض کی ادایگی کی آزادی نہیں یا جہاں ان کو پابندیوں کا سامنا ہے یا جیسے حجاب پی پابندی وغیرہ ویسے یہ بھی کتنی عجیب بات ہے کے ہمارے لوگ اپنے ملک میں رہتے ہے شاید ہے کبھی مسجد جاتے ہوں لکن بھر جا کر ان کو ہر جممے کی نماز مسجد میں پڑھنے کا شوق بھی چڑھتا ہے اور حجاب کا فشیوں بھی حالانکہ یہاں رہتے ہوے ان پی اسس سلسلے میں کو پابندی نہیں ہوتی

میرا یہ ماننا ہے کے اسے لوگوں کو اگر وہاں مذہبی رسومات کی ادییگی میں کوئی دشواری ہوتی ہے تو اں سے بھی یہی سوال پچا جاےگا کہ کیا الله کی زمین کشادہ نہیں تھی؟
واللہ عالم

اسی صورت حال میں ہمارا بھی یہ فرض ہے کے ہم اسس جمہوریت کو خیر بعد کہ کر شی اسلامی نظام کے نفاذ کے لئے کششیں کریں نہ کہ ہر کسی کے چکنے چپڑے نہروں میں آ کر اسے اسس جمہوری نظام میں منتخب کرنے پوھنچ جین جو اسس بات کی ضمانت دیتا ہے کے اگر کوئی قانون اکثریت پاس کر دیتی ہے ٹوہ وہ ٹھیک آہی چاہے وہ اسلام سے متصادم ہے کیوں نہ ہو اسس کی ایک مثال این آر او ہے اسلام میں کوئی استثنا نہیں لکن جمہوریت میں ہے لہذا اس بارے میں بھی ذرا سوچیں اور غور کریں اور اسلام کا مطالعہ کریں

Ranks of momineen

Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allâh with their wealth and their lives. Allâh has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allâh has promised good (Paradise), but Allâh has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward;

An-Nisa 95

Greeting the new-Muslims

O you who believe! When you go (to fight) in the Cause of Allâh, verify (the truth), and say not to anyone who greets you (by embracing Islâm): "You are not a believer"; seeking the perishable goods of the worldly life. There are much more profits and booties with Allâh. Even as he is now, so were you yourselves before till Allâh conferred on you His Favours (i.e. guided you to Islâm), therefore, be cautious in discrimination. Allâh is Ever Well¬Aware of what you do.

An-Nisa 94

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Those relying on democracy and its subsequent laws are hypocrites

Have you seen those (hyprocrites) who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you, and that which was sent down before you, and they wish to go for judgement (in their disputes) to the Tâghût (false judges) while they have been ordered to reject them. But Shaitân (Satan) wishes to lead them far astray.

When it is said to them, “Come to what Allah has revealed and to the Messenger,” you will see the hypocrites turning away from you in aversion.

But, how (apologetic) they are when they suffer a calamity because of the acts of their own hands, and they come to you swearing by Allah, “We meant nothing but to promote good and bring about harmony.”

Those men― Allah knows what is in their hearts; so keep clear of them, but admonish them and speak to them a word to reach their very souls.

We did not send any Messenger but to be obeyed by the leave of Allah. Had they, after having wronged themselves, come to you and sought forgiveness from Allah, and had the Messenger prayed for their forgiveness, they would certainly have found Allah Most-Relenting, Very-Merciful.

But no, by thy Lord, they can have no (real) Faith, until they make thee judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against thy decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction.

An-Nisa 60---65

Return the trusts (interpretation:return the rule to just ones)

Verily! Allâh commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due; and that when you judge between men, you judge with justice. Verily, how excellent is the teaching which He (Allâh) gives you! Truly, Allâh is Ever All¬Hearer, All¬Seer.

An-Nisa 58


When some one seeks advice from you,it is a trust upon you.It is therefor obligatory for the entrusted one to give the right advice using the very best of his knowledge and abilities and with full sincerity and devotion.Islam is the only religion which defines the rights of its followers in so detail.

Whenever you come across a situatiuon where you have to judge a case between men,or settle a dispute between them do it irrespective of the catse,creed ,nationality,racism etc.Even don't give someone the favour of religion.That is the justice.

May Allah make all of us just in our all dealings.

Caliphate is a trust of Ottomans.Turkish people should return it to them.This is the point that Maulana has been emphasizing for a long time.

Polytheism will not be forgiven

Verily, Allâh forgives not that partners should be set up with Him (in worship), but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He wills; and whoever sets up partners with Allâh in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin.

An-Nisa 48

Warning for misers

Those who are miserly and enjoin miserliness on other men and hide what Allâh has bestowed upon them of His Bounties.And We have prepared for the disbelievers a disgraceful torment.

And (also) those who spend of their substance to be seen of men, and believe not in Allâh and the Last Day [they are the friends of Shaitân (Satan)], and whoever takes Shaitân (Satan) as an intimate; then what a dreadful intimate he has!

And what loss have they if they had believed in Allâh and in the Last Day, and they spend out of what Allâh has given them for sustenance? And Allâh is Ever All¬Knower of them

An-Nisa 37-39

The law of diyyat

It is not for a believer to kill a believer except (that it be) by mistake, and whosoever kills a believer by mistake, (it is ordained that) he must set free a believing slave and a compensation (blood money, i.e Diya) be given to the deceased's family, unless they remit it. If the deceased belonged to a people at war with you and he was a believer; the freeing of a believing slave (is prescribed), and if he belonged to a people with whom you have a treaty of mutual alliance, compensation (blood money - Diya) must be paid to his family, and a believing slave must be freed. And whoso finds this (the penance of freeing a slave) beyond his means, he must fast for two consecutive months in order to seek repentance from Allâh. And Allâh is Ever All¬Knowing, All¬Wise.

And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of Allâh are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him.

An-Nisa 92

Interior policy and foreign policy

Then what is the matter with you that you are divided into two parties about the hypocrites? Allâh has cast them back (to disbelief) because of what they have earned. Do you want to guide him whom Allâh has made to go astray? And he whom Allâh has made to go astray, you will never find for him any way (of guidance).

They wish that you reject Faith, as they have rejected (Faith), and thus that you all become equal (like one another). So take not Auliyâ' (protectors or friends) from them, till they emigrate in the Way of Allâh (to Muhammad SAW). But if they turn back (from Islâm), take (hold of) them and kill them wherever you find them, and take neither Auliyâ' (protectors or friends) nor helpers from them.

Except those who join a group, between you and whom there is a treaty (of peace), or those who approach you with their breasts restraining from fighting you as well as fighting their own people. Had Allâh willed, indeed He would have given them power over you, and they would have fought you. So if they withdraw from you, and fight not against you, and offer you peace, then Allâh has opened no way for you against them.

You will find others that wish to have security from you and security from their people. Every time they are sent back to temptation, they yield thereto. If they withdraw not from you, nor offer you peace, nor restrain their hands, take (hold of) them and kill them wherever you find them. In their case, We have provided you with a clear warrant against them.

An-Nisa 88-91

To repsond to Salam is obligatory

When you are greeted with a greeting, greet in return with what is better than it, or (at least) return it equally. Certainly, Allâh is Ever a Careful Account Taker of all things.

An-Nisa 86


Whosoever intercedes for a good cause will have the reward thereof, and whosoever intercedes for an evil cause will have a share in its burden. And Allâh is Ever All-Able to do (and also an All-Witness to) everything.

An-Nisa 85

Allah prevents from disbelievers

So, fight in the way of Allah. You are not responsible but for yourself, and persuade the believers (to fight in Allah’s way). It is likely that Allah will prevent the mischief of those who disbelieve. Allah is the strongest in power and the mightiest in punishing.

An-Nisa 84

Refer to Seal of Prophets Syedna Muhammad SAW or those who are in connection with him

When there comes to them some matter touching (public) safety or fear, they make it known (among the people), if only they had referred it to the Messenger or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have understood it from them (directly). Had it not been for the Grace and Mercy of Allâh upon you, you would have followed Shaitân (Satan), save a few of you.

An-Nisa 83


He who obeys the Messenger (Muhammad SAW), has indeed obeyed Allâh, but he who turns away, then we have not sent you (O Muhammad SAW) as a watcher over them.

They say: "We are obedient," but when they leave you (Muhammad SAW), a section of them spend all night in planning other than what you say. But Allâh records their nightly (plots). So turn aside from them (do not punish them), and put your trust in Allâh. And Allâh is Ever All¬Sufficient as a Disposer of affairs.

An-Nisa 80-81

Man puts himself in trouble

Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allâh, but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself. And We have sent you (O Muhammad SAW) as a Messenger to mankind, and Allâh is Sufficient as a Witness.

An-Nisa 79

Hypocrites avoid jihad

Have you not seen those who were told to hold back their hands (from fighting) and perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and give Zakât but when the fighting was ordained for them, behold! a section of them fear men as they fear Allâh or even more. They say: "Our Lord! Why have you ordained for us fighting? Would that You had granted us respite for a short period?" Say: "Short is the enjoyment of this world. The Hereafter is (far) better for him who fears Allâh, and you shall not be dealt with unjustly even equal to a scalish thread in the long slit of a date-stone.

"Wheresoever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in fortresses built up strong and high!" And if some good reaches them, they say, "This is from Allâh," but if some evil befalls them, they say, "This is from you (O Muhammad SAW)." Say: "All things are from Allâh," so what is wrong with these people that they fail to understand any word?

An-Nisa 77-78

Foreign Policy

What has happened to you that you do not fight in the way of Allah, and for the oppressed among men, women and children who say, “Our Lord, take us out from this town whose people are cruel, and make for us a supporter from Your own, and make for us a helper from Your own.”

The believers fight in the way of Allah, and the disbelievers fight in the way of Taghut. So, fight the friends of Satan. No doubt, the guile of Satan is feeble.

An-Nisa 75-76

Friday, August 26, 2011


O you who believe! Take your precautions, and either go forth (on an expedition) in parties, or go forth all together.

There is certainly among you he who would linger behind (from fighting in Allâh's Cause). If a misfortune befalls you, he says, "Indeed Allâh has favoured me in that I was not present among them."

But if a bounty (victory and booty) comes to you from Allâh, he would surely say - as if there had never been ties of affection between you and him - "Oh! I wish I had been with them; then I would have achieved a great success ( a good share of booty)."
Let those (believers) who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter fight in the Cause of Allâh, and whoso fights in the Cause of Allâh, and is killed or gets victory, We shall bestow on him a great reward.

An-Nisa 71-74

Monday, August 22, 2011

Honour of Seal of Prophets Syedna Muhammad SAW

How (will it be) then, when We bring from each nation a witness and We bring you (O Muhammad SAW) as a witness against these people?
On that day those who disbelieved and disobeyed the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will wish that they were buried in the earth, but they will never be able to hide a single fact from Allâh.

An-Nisa 41-42

Warning for misers

Those who are miserly and enjoin miserliness on other men and hide what Allâh has bestowed upon them of His Bounties. And We have prepared for the disbelievers a disgraceful torment.

And (also) those who spend of their substance to be seen of men, and believe not in Allâh and the Last Day [they are the friends of Shaitân (Satan)], and whoever takes Shaitân (Satan) as an intimate; then what a dreadful intimate he has!

And what loss have they if they had believed in Allâh and in the Last Day, and they spend out of what Allâh has given them for sustenance? And Allâh is Ever All¬Knower of them

An-Nisa 37-39

Ethical Commandments for the benefit of society

Worship Allâh and join none with Him (in worship), and do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, Al-Masâkin (the poor), the neighbour who is near of kin, the neighbour who is a stranger, the companion by your side, the wayfarer (you meet), and those (slaves) whom your right hands possess. Verily, Allâh does not like such as are proud and boastful;
An-Nisa 36

Heavenly principle for the benefit of societies

If you fear a breach between them twain (the man and his wife), appoint (two) arbitrators, one from his family and the other from her's; if they both wish for peace, Allâh will cause their reconciliation. Indeed Allâh is Ever All¬Knower, Well¬Acquainted with all things.

An-Nisa 35

Comparison of social status of men and women

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allâh has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend (to support them) from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient (to Allâh and to their husbands), and guard in the husband's absence what Allâh orders them to guard (e.g. their chastity, their husband's property). As to those women on whose part you see ill¬conduct, admonish them (first), (next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly, if it is useful), but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance). Surely, Allâh is Ever Most High, Most Great

An-Nisa 34

Dont eat up properties

O you who believe! Eat not up your properties among yourselves unjustly except it be a trade amongst you, by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves (nor kill one another). Surely, Allâh is Most Merciful to you.
And whoever commits that through aggression and injustice, We shall cast him into the Fire, and that is easy for Allâh.

If you avoid the great sins[] which you are forbidden to do, We shall expiate from you your (small) sins, and admit you to a Noble Entrance (i.e. Paradise).
An-Nisa 29-31

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Relatives which can't be married

And marry not women whom your fathers married, except what has already passed; indeed it was shameful and most hateful, and an evil way.

Forbidden to you (for marriage) are: your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father's sisters, your mother's sisters, your brother's daughters, your sister's daughters, your foster mother who gave you suck, your foster milk suckling sisters, your wives' mothers, your step daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom you have gone in - but there is no sin on you if you have not gone in them (to marry their daughters), - the wives of your sons who (spring) from your own loins, and two sisters in wedlock at the same time, except for what has already passed; verily, Allâh is Oft¬Forgiving, Most Merciful.

An-Nisa 22-23

Whose repentance is accepted?

Allâh accepts only the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and foolishness and repent soon afterwards; it is they whom Allâh will forgive and Allâh is Ever All¬Knower, All¬Wise.

And of no effect is the repentance of those who continue to do evil deeds until death faces one of them and he says: "Now I repent;" nor of those who die while they are disbelievers. For them We have prepared a painful torment.

An-Nisa 17-18

Quranic guidelines for inheritance

Allâh commands you as regards your children's (inheritance); to the male, a portion equal to that of two females; if (there are) only daughters, two or more, their share is two thirds of the inheritance; if only one, her share is half. For parents, a sixth share of inheritance to each if the deceased left children; if no children, and the parents are the (only) heirs, the mother has a third; if the deceased left brothers or (sisters), the mother has a sixth. (The distribution in all cases is) after the payment of legacies he may have bequeathed or debts. You know not which of them, whether your parents or your children, are nearest to you in benefit, (these fixed shares) are ordained by Allâh. And Allâh is Ever All¬Knower, All¬Wise.

In that which your wives leave, your share is a half if they have no child; but if they leave a child, you get a fourth of that which they leave after payment of legacies that they may have bequeathed or debts. In that which you leave, their (your wives) share is a fourth if you leave no child; but if you leave a child, they get an eighth of that which you leave after payment of legacies that you may have bequeathed or debts. If the man or woman whose inheritance is in question has left neither ascendants nor descendants, but has left a brother or a sister, each one of the two gets a sixth; but if more than two, they share in a third; after payment of lagacies he (or she) may have bequeathed or debts, so that no loss is caused (to anyone). This is a Commandment from Allâh; and Allâh is Ever All¬Knowing, Most¬Forbearing.

These are the limits (set by) Allâh (or ordainments as regards laws of inheritance), and whosoever obeys Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will be admitted to Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise), to abide therein, and that will be the great success.

And whosoever disobeys Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and transgresses His limits, He will cast him into the Fire, to abide therein; and he shall have a disgraceful torment.

An-Nisa 11-14

Warning to guardians to fear Allah

And let those (executors and guardians) have the same fear in their minds as they would have for their own, if they had left weak offspring behind. So let them fear Allâh and speak right words.

Verily, those who unjustly eat up the property of orphans, they eat up only a fire into their bellies, and they will be burnt in the blazing Fire!

An-Nisa 9-10

Who should be given from the inheritance?

There is a share for men and a share for women from what is left by parents and those nearest related, whether, the property be small or large - a legal share.

And when the relatives and the orphans and Al¬Masâkin (the poor) are present at the time of division, give them out of the property, and speak to them words of kindness and justice.

An-Nisa 7-8

Guidelines about returning the property to orphans

And try orphans (as regards their intelligence) until they reach the age of marriage; if then you find sound judgement in them, release their property to them, but consume it not wastefully, and hastily fearing that they should grow up, and whoever (amongst guardians) is rich, he should take no wages, but if he is poor, let him have for himself what is just and reasonable (according to his labour). And when you release their property to them, take witness in their presence; and Allâh is All¬Sufficient in taking account.

An-Nisa 6

Dont make your wives the custodian of the property

And give not unto the foolish your property which Allâh has made a means of support for you, but feed and clothe them therewith, and speak to them words of kindness and justice.

An-Nisa 5

In this verse women i.e wives are meant by foolish in the opinion of Ibn e Abbas R.A ,Ibn e Masood,Mujahid,Qatadah R.A and many others.Our social observations proof that women are more extravagant than men and they cant guard the propertya s effectively as men themselves ,therefor it is not wise to give them the custody of the property.

Permission of 4 wives simultaneously

And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan¬girls, then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice.

And give to the women (whom you marry) their Mahr (obligatory bridal-money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriage) with a good heart, but if they, of their own good pleasure, remit any part of it to you, take it, and enjoy it without fear of any harm (as Allâh has made it lawful).

An-Nisa 3-4

Don't oppress orphans

And give unto orphans their property and do not exchange (your) bad things for (their) good ones; and devour not their substance (by adding it) to your substance. Surely, this is a great sin.

And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan¬girls, then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice

And give to the women (whom you marry) their Mahr (obligatory bridal-money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriage) with a good heart, but if they, of their own good pleasure, remit any part of it to you, take it, and enjoy it without fear of any harm (as Allâh has made it lawful).

An-Nisa 2-4

This verse refers to the case where an orphan girl is under the custody of a person and his custodian/guardian wants to marry her with the intention to eat up her property and doesn't pay her the mahr as much as she is being offered by other candidates or it is expected that she'll be given an offer more than that.

Dont cut the relations with kins

O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife [Hawwa (Eve)], and from them both He created many men and women; and fear Allâh through Whom you demand (your mutual rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, Allâh is Ever an All¬Watcher over you

An-Nisa 1

Merits of Politeness

And by the Mercy of Allâh, you dealt with them gently. And had you been severe and harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about you; so pass over (their faults), and ask (Allâh's) Forgiveness for them; and consult them in the affairs. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allâh, certainly, Allâh loves those who put their trust (in Him).

Aal e Imran 159

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Victory and help is from Allah

(Remember) when you (Muhammad SAW) said to the believers, "Is it not enough for you that your Lord (Allâh) should help you with three thousand angels; sent down?"

"Yes, if you hold on to patience and piety, and the enemy comes rushing at you; your Lord will help you with five thousand angels having marks (of distinction)."

Allâh made it not but as a message of good news for you and as an assurance to your hearts. And there is no victory except from Allâh, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

That He might cut off a part of those who disbelieve, or expose them to infamy, so that they retire frustrated.

Aal e Imran 124-127

These verses emphasize that once Momineen are in the state of Jihad or it is obligatory upon them to fight non-believers,they should bnot turn back.Allah will help them by the heavenly means.They shuld'nt fear that the opponent is large in number.They owe their lives to Allah and to Him they have to return.

At this point it is again very important to remind that for Jihad there are certain conditions.Not every one can initiate a battle and term it as Jihad.The amin condition for Jihad is the presence of an Islamic authority and government i.e a Caliph/King who comes upon th criterion set for caliphate and the presence of Islamic law and Islamic system in country

Monday, August 15, 2011

2.5% or 25% ?choice is yours !!!!

Assalam u alayekum !
May peace be upon you o readers!

Today i was reading that famous U.S billionaire has written an article for Seattle Times and demanded from government that it should raise taxes on Rich ones.Currently the middle class of U.S.A is paying 25% tax per Annum and the Elite class is paying 17.4%.
This shows a clear paradox in U.S society becuase they lack the implication of the divine guidance.Not only U.S.A ,but every country where such paradoxes are present they result into rendering the economy less stable.

Then what is the solition to all this headache?

The solution lies in Divine Financial Guideline where Rich or poor each has to pay a tax with the rate of 2.5% instead of different rates,if they possess money or gold or cattle etc which is worth of or is surplus to equavilent of a certain amount,for a year constantly.Divine law also makes clear that this collected tax will not be spent on the luxurious items and on the building of infrastructure rather it will be given to those who are needy,poor etc.It also makes sure that the priority should be given to your kin as The Charity begins at home.This priorty check makes an effective use of this tax and the bonds between kins are hence improved.

If the money remains unspent even after spending on the 8 causes as mentioned by divine law (i.e surplus money is kept as unspent),that money is kept in a financial department which makes sure that in case of emergency or in future if a needy one comes ,his needs may be satisfied with that money.

Therefor come to Islam,come to the divine law since it has the guarantee to success.Islam is the only religion which ensures financial guidelines for its followers and some of its guidelines are even being followed by the West which is always creating confusion about Muslims.Only Islam ensures that its followers are equal in each aspect whether it be the social,cultural or financial aspect.The standard of greatness is piety in Islam ,not the wealth.

Proof of Meelad/Milad in Quran

And (remember) when Allâh took the Covenant of the Prophets, saying: "Take whatever I gave you from the Book and Hikmah (understanding of the Laws of Allâh), and afterwards there will come to you a Messenger (Muhammad SAW) confirming what is with you; you must, then, believe in him and help him." Allâh said: "Do you agree (to it) and will you take up My Covenant (which I conclude with you)?" They said: "We agree." He said: "Then bear witness; and I am with you among the witnesses (for this)."
Then whoever turns away after this, they are the Fâsiqûn (rebellious: those who turn away from Allâh's Obedience).

Aal e Imran 81-82


Meelad (Milad)/Mawlid is a celebration of birth and Allah is mentioning of the oath when appearance of Seal of Prophets Syyedna Muhammad (SAWS) was'nt made to this world (Although the first among creations was the noor (light) of Seal of Prophets Syedna Muhammad (SAWS)).History tells us that Prophets were the most pious and noblest person of that nation ,even then Allah is taking an oath from that whenever Allah's beloved Seal of Prophets Syedna Muhammad SAWS comes to this world and He is bestowed with prophecy ,it will be obligatory for the Prophets to believe in Him and testify his Prophethood.

This oath was not from every one just from the prophets and Allah says that who so ever amongst you will go against it will not succeed.
This is he expression of love by Allah fo His beloved Prophet Syedna Muhammad (SAWS).that is why Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus (May peace be upon them) wished to be among the nation of Syedna Muhammad (SAWS).

This was related to the birth of Syyedna Muhammad (SAWS) and we do itin the honour of Seal of Prophets Syedna Muhammad SAWS

Mention of Jesus in Quran

(Remember) when the angels said: "O Maryam (Mary)! Verily, Allâh gives you the glad tidings of a Word ["Be!" - and he was! i.e. 'Īsā (Jesus) the son of Maryam (Mary)] from Him, his name will be the Messiah 'Īsā (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), held in honour in this world and in the Hereafter, and will be one of those who are near to Allâh."

"He will speak to the people in the cradle and in manhood, and he will be one of the righteous."

he said: “O my Lord, how shall I have a son while no human has ever touched me?” Said He: “That is how Allah creates what He wills. When He decides a matter, He simply says to it ‘Be’, and it comes to be.

And He (Allâh) will teach him ['Īsā (Jesus)] the Book and Al-Hikmah (i.e. the Sunnah, the faultless speech of the Prophets, wisdom), (and) the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)

And will make him ['Īsā (Jesus)] a Messenger to the Children of Israel (saying): "I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, that I design for you out of clay, a figure like that of a bird, and breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by Allâh's Leave; and I heal him who was born blind, and the leper, and I bring the dead to life by Allâh's Leave. And I inform you of what you eat, and what you store in your houses. Surely, therein is a sign for you, if you believe.

And I have come confirming that which was before me of the Taurât (Torah), and to make lawful to you part of what was forbidden to you, and I have come to you with a proof from your Lord. So fear Allâh and obey me.Truly! Allâh is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him (Alone). This is the Straight Path.

Then when 'Īsā (Jesus) came to know of their disbelief, he said: "Who will be my helpers in Allâh's Cause?" Al-Hawâriyyûn (the disciples) said: "We are the helpers of Allâh; we believe in Allâh, and bear witness that we are Muslims (i.e. we submit to Allâh)."Our Lord! We believe in what You have sent down, and we follow the Messenger ['Īsā (Jesus)]; so write us down among those who bear witness (to the truth i.e. Lâ ilâha ill-Allâh - none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh)

And they (disbelievers) plotted [to kill 'Īsā (Jesus) A.S.], and Allâh plotted too. And Allâh is the Best planner

And (remember) when Allâh said: "O 'Īsā (Jesus)! I will take you and raise you to Myself and clear you [of the forged statement that 'Īsā (Jesus) is Allâh's son] of those who disbelieve, and I will make those who follow you (Monotheists, who worship none but Allâh) superior to those who disbelieve [in the Oneness of Allâh, or disbelieve in some of His Messengers, e.g. Muhammad SAW, 'Īsā (Jesus), Mûsâ (Moses), etc., or in His Holy Books, e.g. the Taurât (Torah), the Injeel (Gospel), the Qur'ân] till the Day of Resurrection[]. Then you will return to Me and I will judge between you in the matters in which you used to dispute."

"As to those who disbelieve, I will punish them with a severe torment in this world and in the Hereafter, and they will have no helpers."And as for those who believe (in the Oneness of Allâh) and do righteous good deeds, Allâh will pay them their reward in full. And Allâh does not like the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers).

Aal e Imran 45-57

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dua (Prayer,invocation)

When My servants ask you about Me, then (tell them that) I am near. I respond to the call of one when he prays to Me; so they should respond to Me, and have faith in Me, so that they may be on the right path.
Al Baqarah verse 186
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Proof from Quran that some places are more blessed to pray than others

There did Zakariya pray to his Lord saying:"O my Lord! Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation."

Aal e Imran

The presence of "There" shows that the place where Syedna Zakariyya A.S prayed was more blessed in his sight and therefor it is a proof that some places are more blessed than other.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Join the people of Ahl-as-sunnah wal jamaat

Say (O Muhammad SAW to mankind): "If you (really) love Allâh then follow me (i.e. accept Islâmic Monotheism, follow the Qur'ân and the Sunnah), Allâh will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allâh is Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful"

Say (O Muhammad SAW): "Obey Allâh and the Messenger (Muhammad SAW)." But if they turn away, then Allâh does not like the disbelievers

Aal e Imran 31-32

Those who declare themselves ahl-e-hadith and ahl-e-tashiyyu and deobandi etc should think that Quran is declaring that which way is the way to success.Only the way of Ahl-as-sunnah is the way of success as the Prophet (SAW) said that :'There'll be 73 sects in my Ummah (nation) and only one will be the successful (to heaven) "and He also said that :"My Ummah can't agree on the misleading fact (Adh-dhalaah) therefore join the biggest group" .Since the beginning,uptill now the biggest group amon Muslims is of the people who believe in the beliefs of Ahl-as-sunnah wal jamaat

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't befriend disbelievers

Let not the believers take the disbelievers as Auliyâ (supporters, helpers) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will never be helped by Allâh in any way, except if you indeed fear a danger from them. And Allâh warns you against Himself (His Punishment)[], and to Allâh is the final return.

It is mentioned in Tafsir Al Jalalaeyen that this order was for the days before the hegemony of Islam and the order applies to every place where the Muslims are in minority in a land where unbelievers are in majority.

Allah bestows the kingdom

Say: “O Allah, O Lord of the Kingdom, You give kingdom to whom You will, and take kingdom away from whom You will; and You bestow honor on whom You will, and bring disgrace to whom You will. In your hand lies the betterment (of everyone). You are surely powerful over everything.

Aal e Imran 26

If Allah wills to bestow someone with kingdom,no one can stop that person from becoming king.He may put any one in reign,any time.There is another point in this verse that Allah has mentioned kingdoma nd hence it negates the democracy which emphasizes on the man made legislature and hence brings oppression.

Divine law is the only guidance.Democray is cursed

Have you not seen those who have been given a portion of the Scripture? They are being invited to the Book of Allâh to settle their dispute, then a party of them turn away, and they are averse.

Aal e Imran 23

Those who support democracy should think upon this verse that democracy is cursed.Man made laws can never be the representative of goodness.They only bring tyrrany and oppression and injustice.

Those who kill the just ones would suffer a painful torment

Verily! Those who disbelieve in the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allâh and kill the Prophets without right, and kill those men who order just dealings, … then announce to them a painful torment.

Aal e imran 21

True religion is only Islam

Truly, the (recognized) religion in the sight of Allah is Islam .
Aal e Imran 19
Whoever believes in the Oneness of Allah,the fact that Prophet Muhammad is Seal of Prophets (May Allah bless Him and His progeny and His family),and the fact that Holy books were revealed by Allah for the guidanc eof the mankind but the man corrupted them and only Quran is the book which is free of changes since the time it was revealed,and on the existence of angels,and on the day of resurrection and the life after death and in the fact that Allah is omnipotent, for sure he is on the right path.

For people the lust is in Worldly things,but momin does'nt indulge

It has been made attractive for people to love the desired things; that is, women, children, hoarded heaps of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle and tillage. That is an enjoyment of the worldly life; but Allâh has the excellent return (Paradise with flowing rivers) with Him.
Say: “Shall I tell you what is far better than that? For those who fear (Allah), there are gardens with their Lord, beneath which rivers flow, where they shall live forever, with purified wives, and approval from Allah. Allah is watchful over His servants”.

Those who say: "Our Lord! We have indeed believed, so forgive us our sins and save us from the punishment of the Fire."
(They are) those who are patient, those who are true (in Faith, words, and deeds), and obedient with sincere devotion in worship to Allâh. Those who spend [give the Zakât and alms in the Way of Allâh] and those who pray and beg Allâh's Pardon in the last hours of the night.

Aal e Imran verse 14-17

Momin dos'nt indulge much in the world

Beautified is the life of this world for those who disbelieve, and they mock at those who believe. But those who obey Allâh's Orders and keep away from what He has forbidden, will be above them on the Day of Resurrection. And Allâh gives (of His Bounty, Blessings, Favours, Honours, on the Day of Resurrection) to whom He wills without limit.
Al Baqarah 212

Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, "When (will come) the Help of Allâh?" Yes! Certainly, the Help of Allâh is near!

Al Baqarah 214

Zikr's importance

Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying,). I will remember you (i.e keep blessing you), and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favours on you) and never be ungrateful to Me.
Al Baqarah 152

And who are more unjust than those who forbid that Allâh's Name be glorified and mentioned much (i.e. prayers and invocations, etc.) in Allâh's mosques and strive for their ruin? It was not fitting that such should themselves enter them (Allâh's Mosques) except in fear. For them there is disgrace in this world, and they will have a great torment in the Hereafter.
Al Baqarah 114

Dont eat up properties of each other !

And eat up not one another's property unjustly (in any illegal way e.g. stealing, robbing, deceiving, etc.), nor give bribery to the rulers (judges before presenting your cases) that you may knowingly eat up a part of the property of others sinfully
Al Baqarah 188

Qualities of Mominen and Auliya

Truly those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and give Zakât, they will have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

Al Baqara verse 277

It is not Al-Birr (piety, righteousness, and each and every act of obedience to Allâh, etc.) that you turn your faces towards east and (or) west (in prayers); but Al-Birr is (the quality of) the one who believes in Allâh, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book, the Prophets[] and gives his wealth, in spite of love for it, to the kinsfolk, to the orphans, and to Al-Masâkin (the poor), and to the wayfarer, and to those who ask, and to set slaves free, performs As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and gives the Zakât, and who fulfill their covenant when they make it, and who are patient in extreme poverty and ailment (disease) and at the time of fighting (during the battles). Such are the people of the truth and they are Al¬Muttaqûn (Those who fear Allah)

Al Baqarah 159

Those who say: "Our Lord! We have indeed believed, so forgive us our sins and save us from the punishment of the Fire."
They are) those who are patient, those who are true (in Faith, words, and deeds), and obedient with sincere devotion in worship to Allâh. Those who spend [give the Zakât and alms in the Way of Allâh] and those who pray and beg Allâh's Pardon in the last hours of the night.

Aal e Imran 16-17

Those who spend [in Allâh's Cause] in prosperity and in adversity,who repress anger,
and who pardon men; verily, Allâh loves Al-Muhsinûn (the good - doers).

And those who, when they have committed Fahishah (illegal sexual intercourse) or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allâh and ask forgiveness for their sins; - and none can forgive sins but Allâh - And do not persist in what (wrong) they have done, while they know.

For such, the reward is Forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Paradise), wherein they shall abide forever. How excellent is this reward for the doers (who do righteous deeds according to Allâh's Orders).

Aal eImran 134-136

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Solution to world's financial crisis

Deal not unjustly (by asking more than your capital sums), and you shall not be dealt with unjustly (by receiving less than your capital sums).

Verse 279 Chapter AL Baqarah
Translation by Dr. Mohsin

Allâh will destroy Ribâ (usury) and will give increase for Sadaqât (deeds of charity, alms, etc.) And Allâh likes not the disbelievers, sinners.

Al Baqarah

O you who believe! Eat not Ribâ (usury) doubled and multiplied, but fear Allâh that you may be successful.
And fear the Fire, which is prepared for the disbelievers.
And obey Allâh and the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) that you may obtain mercy

Aal eImran 130-132


Currently the financial system of the whole world is a fraudulent system.It is mere fraud.Paper money ahs no value.Allah says in Quran:

"And don't eat the properties of each other by wong means (i.e don't usurp each others properties)"

Since the present financial system of the world ensures a fraud to the masses and the exploitation of the poor by means of usuary etc. it is cursed forever and it will remain cursed forever .No one can come against the Divine Power.The world can't get out of this situation unless and until it rejects this financial system of oppression

Heavenly Warning to avoid Financial Crisis

Deal not unjustly (by asking more than your capital sums), and you shall not be dealt with unjustly (by receiving less than your capital sums).

Verse 279 Chapter AL Baqarah
Translation by Dr. Mohsin

Financial guidance in Surah e Baqarah


Those who eat Ribâ (usury) will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaitân (Satan) leading him to insanity. That is because they say: "Trading is only like Ribâ (usury)," whereas Allâh has permitted trading and forbidden Ribâ (usury). So whosoever receives an admonition from his Lord and stops eating Ribâ (usury) shall not be punished for the past; his case is for Allâh (to judge); but whoever returns [to Ribâ (usury)], such are the dwellers of the Fire - they will abide therein
Allâh will destroy Ribâ (usury) and will give increase for Sadaqât (deeds of charity, alms, etc.) And Allâh likes not the disbelievers, sinners.

O you who believe! Be afraid of Allâh and give up what remains (due to you) from Ribâ (usury) (from now onward), if you are (really) believers.And if you do not do it, then take a notice of war from Allâh and His Messenger but if you repent, you shall have your capital sums. Deal not unjustly (by asking more than your capital sums), and you shall not be dealt with unjustly (by receiving less than your capital sums). And if the debtor is in a hard time (has no money), then grant him time till it is easy for him to repay, but if you remit it by way of charity, that is better for you if you did but know.And be afraid of the Day when you shall be brought back to Allâh. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly.

Vese no. 276-281 Chapter Al Baqarah

Encouragement to spend in the cause of Allah with open heart and without pomp and show

Those who spend their wealth in the Cause of Allâh, and do not follow up their gifts with reminders of their generosity or with injury, their reward is with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.Kind words and forgiving of faults are better than Sadaqah (charity) followed by injury. And Allâh is Rich (Free of all Needs) and He is Most-Forbearing.
O you who believe! Do not render in vain your Sadaqah (charity) by reminders of your generosity or by injury, like him who spends his wealth to be seen of men, and he does not believe in Allâh, nor in the Last Day. His likeness is the likeness of a smooth rock on which is a little dust; on it falls heavy rain which leaves it bare. They are not able to do anything with what they have earned. And Allâh does not guide the disbelieving people.

Verse no. 262-264 Chapter Al Baqarah

O you who believe! Spend of the good things which you have (legally) earned, and of that which We have produced from the earth for you, and do not aim at that which is bad to spend from it, (though) you would not accept it save if you close your eyes and tolerate therein. And know that Allâh is Rich (Free of all wants), and Worthy of all praise.Shaitân (Satan) threatens you with poverty and orders you to commit Fahshâ (evil deeds, illegal sexual intercourse, sins); whereas Allâh promises you Forgiveness from Himself and Bounty, and Allâh is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower.
He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever is given wisdom is certainly given a lot of good. Only the people of understanding observe the advice. Whatever expenditure you spend and whatever vow you make, Allah knows all of it, and for the unjust, there are no helpers/supporters.

Verse no. 267-271 Chapter Al Baqarah

Those who spend their wealth (in Allâh's Cause) by night and day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve

Verse no. 274 Chapter Al Baqarah

Guidelines for Dealings

O you who believe! When you contract a debt for a fixed period, write it down. Let a scribe write it down in justice between you. Let not the scribe refuse to write as Allâh has taught him, so let him write. Let him (the debtor) who incurs the liability dictate, and he must fear Allâh, his Lord, and diminish not anything of what he owes. But if the debtor is of poor understanding, or weak, or is unable to dictate for himself, then let his guardian dictate in justice. And get two witnesses out of your own men. And if there are not two men (available), then a man and two women, such as you agree for witnesses, so that if one of them (two women) errs, the other can remind her. And the witnesses should not refuse when they are called (for evidence). You should not become weary to write it (your contract), whether it be small or big, for its fixed term, that is more just with Allâh; more solid as evidence, and more convenient to prevent doubts among yourselves, save when it is a present trade which you carry out on the spot among yourselves, then there is no sin on you if you do not write it down. But take witnesses whenever you make a commercial contract. Let nither scribe nor witness suffer any harm, but if you do (such harm), it would be wickedness in you. So be afraid of Allah; and Allah teaches you. And Allah is the All-Knower of everything.
And if you are on a journey and cannot find a scribe, then let there be a pledge taken (mortgaging); then if one of you entrust the other, let the one who is entrusted discharge his trust (faithfully), and let him be afraid of Allâh, his Lord. And conceal not the evidence for he, who hides it, surely his heart is sinful. And Allâh is All-Knower of what you do.
To Allâh belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth, and whether you disclose what is in your ownselves or conceal it, Allâh will call you to account for it. Then He forgives whom He wills and punishes whom He wills. Allah is powerful over everything.

Verse no. 282-284 Chapter Al Baqarah

To whom should the charity be made?

(Charity is) for Fuqarâ (the poor), who in Allâh's Cause are restricted (from travel), and cannot move about in the land (for trade or work). The one who knows them not, thinks that they are rich because of their modesty. You may know them by their mark, they do not beg of people at all. And whatever you spend in good, surely Allâh knows it well.
Verse no. 273 Chapter Al Baqarah

They ask you (O Muhammad SAW) what they should spend. Say: Whatever you spend of good must be for parents and kindred and orphans and Al¬Masâkin (the poor) and the wayfarers, and whatever you do of good deeds, truly, Allâh knows it well.
Verse no. 215 Chapter Al Baqarah

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Proof of Abdals from Tafsir ibn e kathir

In the tafsir (interpretation) of verse 252 of Sura Al Baqara Ibn e Kathir has qouted a Hadith of Ibn e Jareer :

Due to the ability/quality of a true Muslim Allah blesses/makes fair the progeny of his progeny and his family and his neighbours and until his presence they all remain in the protection of Allah.
This hadith is said to be gharib.

Ibn e Mardoya's hadith :

Until the Day of Resurrection,there'll be 60 such persons in each time period by whom (i.e due to their blessed presence) you'll be helped and you'll be sent rain and given sustainance

Ibn e Mardoya has reported another hadith with the change that number of abdals have been reported to be 30 in that tradition.the narrator of that hadith Hazrat Qatadah R.A says that according to him (i.e Qatadah R.A) Hazrat Syedna Imam Hassan A.S was also one of them (i.e Hazrat Syedna Imam Hassan R.A was also an Abdal)

Quran's Warning for tyrants


And did not Allah Check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief: But Allah is full of bounty to all the worlds.
(Al baqarah verse no. 251)


We should hope that Allah will soon blow away these tyrants and a reign of just and honest people will be established since Allah's blessings and bounties are for each and every period of time .It is something which is free of time's restriction.

Quranic warning for rafidhuun

Sura Al Baqarah

Excerpts from translations

Say (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ): "Whoever is an enemy to Jibrael (Gabriel) (let him die in his fury), for indeed he has brought it (this Qur'ân) down to your heart by Allâh's Permission, confirming what came before it [i.e. the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)] and guidance and glad tidings for the believers.
"Whoever is an enemy to Allâh, His Angels, His Messengers, Jibrael (Gabriel) and Mikael (Michael), then verily, Allâh is an enemy to the disbelievers."

Verse no 97-98 Chapter Al Baqarah


Those who know the ins and outs of shia beliefs can well understand why i have posted this and attributed this to as a warning for shias. :)

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