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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why democracy is cursed!!!!!

Assalam u alayekum!
May peace be upon you readers!

Democracy is against Islam and it is cursed.So,it is never going to be successfull.That is something which saints do'nt speak of but my spiritual guide and Murshid Maulana Sheikh Nazim Qaddas Allahu Sirrahu (May Allah sanctify his secret) has been speaking about it.Democracy can declare that the place of head is on the feet and that of feet is on the head.Democracy just counts the people.It does'nt bother that what is the eligibility or credibility of a person who is voting.The vote of an illetrate and that of a qualified person is equal.Therefore an illetrate and poor person,whose vote can be bought with money decides the fate of the nation.

Secondly,democracy is making mankind proud.Rulers in Islamic countries are saying that we are bringing this law and that law.Go to hell!!! may curse upon be you rulers and your democratic system.Sharia'atUllah is clear and everything has been defined.Why do you need to bring these new laws which are against the sharia'at (Divine guidance).

Some may say that appointment of four righteous caliphs was as a result of voting/counseling.Was'nt that democracy???The answer is abig nio because those who were casting votes were highly qualified among the rest.You can say that those were the few among the very best of the companions of Syedna Muhammad Salla'l la ho alye hi wa aalihi wasallam .And it was understood that the person so elected will run the government in the light of Divine guidance not in the light of self manufactured constitutions (as it is being practiced now a days).

Therefore the time is over.InshaAllah democracy is going to be taken away very soon.The time of appearance of Syedna Mahdi Alaye Hi Salam has almost just arrived.and these democratic regimes are about to be over inshaAllah.

May Allah save us from being the supporters of emocracy and May Allah make us among the steadfast supporters of Syyedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam and save us from fitna of Dajjal.aamin

Democracy has failed!!!!!

Assalam u alayekum!
May peace be upon you.

Democracy has failed in Pakistan.Democracy is a system of flaws.It is against Islam.It is a system of cruelty.51% or 66% of some hundred men can't decide the fate of millions.They can't govern them.Those who think that democracy always lead to succes,are on wrong way.Democracy led U.S.A to iraq war ,where they found no weapons of mass destruction.Democracy and only democracy is responsible for the wars in last half century.

People,specially of Pakistan should now get up against this system of terror and error and throw the democracy and Parliament in trash.May Allah help us to bring kingdom/heirarchy in Pakistan.aamin.

Present state of Muslims and Syedna Mahdi Alaye he salam

Assalam u alayekum!!!

may peace be upon you all readers!

Today i am going to shed light on the present state of Muslims in the light of Quran.The translation of verses is given below.Allah Almighty says :

52-And verily this brotherhood of yours is single brotherhood ,and i am your Lord and Cherisher.Theregfore fear Me (and no other)

53-But people have cut off their affair of (unity),between them ,into sects:each party rejoices in that which is with itself

54-But leave them in their confused ignorance for a time

Al-Quran Sura Al muminuun (i.e Chapter: the believers)

This period of time which is mentioned above ,will end when Syedna Imam Mahdi Alaye he saalam appears.In his reign there will be no more sects.The whole Muslim Ummah will be on the madhab of Syedna Imam Mahdi Alaye hi Salam.They'll have to follow him,If any one will object and dare to differ,he'll be takena way.This is what Maulana Sheikh Nazim Qaddas Allahu
Sirrahu (i.e May Allah sanctify his secret) has been telling us .May he live long.aamin.

May we live upto the appearance of Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi salam and support Him with heart and soul.aamin

The above views are my personal views interpreted in the light of the teachings of my spiritual guide ,my Murshid Maulana Sheikh Nazim Adil Haqqani Qaddas Allahu Sirrahu.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Turkey elections and unrest situtation!!!!

Assalam u alayekum !
may peace be upon you all readers.

Next month on 12th i.e June 12 ,2011 elections are going to be held in Turkey.99% chances are that for some reasons the situation will become worse there.i have'nt got a proof to prove it but i am quite sure about ti.Probably the campaigns of fake votes etc wil be run against each other but the unrest situation similar to that developed in Tunisia,Egypt and Libia will develop there.
If it happens be sure that an attack is going to be made on Turkey very soon.

I am writing this post on 23 may 2011.
if you find this true,then you can contact me at

khawarij,terrorists and concept of state within state

Assalam u alayekum!

May peace be upon you all readers.
The concept of forming state withion state in the name of religion is'nt a new one which taliban have adopted .It dates back to era of Hazrat Ali (May Allah bless him and be pleased with him) the fourth righteous Caliph of islam.

In order to illustrate one important thing i would like to just mention that Khawarij were those people who were punctual in their obligations regarding Islam.They Used to pray their daily prayers.Used to recite Holy Quran in excess etc.They were bold people.They could lay down their lives for the protection of a non-Muslim,but they did'nt accpet the rule of Hazrat Usman Ghani RaziAllah Anhu and Syedna Ali RaziAllah Anhu.

These were the people of which Seal of the prophets Syedna Muhammad (May Allah's blessings and peace be upon Hm and His family) informed His companions (May Allah be pleased with them all) that you would consider your prayers very inferior as compared to theirs.they would recite Quran but Quran willnot pass through their throats (i.e it will not affect their hearts and they will not get its meaning.)

Shaykh Ul Islam Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri has written a state of the art fatwa (ruling) on terrorism an khawarij.It covers everything ,every basic question,every answer to every doubt.May Allah bless him and give him reward in this world and the world hereafter for such a great service.Aamin
This fatwa (ruling) is available on
in both english and urdu languages.

Usama bin laden's death:mystery or hoax?????

Assalam u alayekum!!!!!!

May peace be upon you all readers.

its been more than 20 days that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.He was indeed a terrorist and a defamer of Islam.He defamed Islam and i personally think that due to his wrong policies and actions Muslims suffered a lot in the whole world.It was his voilent policies that put Muslims under the criticism.I do'njt know why people are'nt accepting that he was the master mind+organiser+planner of 9/11.His 19 allies were sitting besides him in a video and those were 19 persons who were involved in the attacks.Off course Islam does not allow such activities.These are khawarij.It is obligatory for we Muslims to refute such activities.This was'nt Jihad off course.

This incident was'nt a hoax either.Usama bin laden was alive.He was in abbotabad,living there in a compund worth more than 8 crore enjoying satellite t.v ,enjoying himself with rabbits and chicken.He had three trucks full of ration which pak army took away with it later.

None of his sons or wives or other relatives refuted that he was involved in 9/11 attacks.I dont know why Pakistanis are dying to support him?

He was a bloody coward.I would say that a miserable life he led and a miserable death.

Denial of objections on the video of Hazrat Khizr Alaye hi Salam

Assalam u alayekum!
May peace be upon you dear visitors!
People who are objecting on that video of Cairo protest actually do not know the technical aspect of things.The objection which is making echo is that this may be the reflection of a lens.
I would say that reflection of a lens is'nt that much clear.In that video you can see the shadow of a horse.Secondly reflection usually vanishes or distorts in seconds.But that image was there for quite a long time.
Why are'nt Muslims accepting such spiritual things??????

Presence of Hazrat Khizr Alaye hi salam detected on video

Assalam u alayekum !
The following link is of a video of a protest in Cairo against Husni Mubarak.
The video shows a green shadow which resembles a man who is riding on a horse.
Harun Yahya who is a very renowned Muslim and talks about spiritualism,he said that it was Hazrat Khizr Alaye hi salam.
Click on the following link:
Presence of Hazrat Khizr Alaye hi Salam in Cairo

My master Maulana Shaikh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani Qaddas Allahu Sirrahu has also confirmed this and follwing is the link of his sohbat which was almost entirely on this topic.
We must believe in miracles (A sohbat given by Maulana Shaikh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani Qaddas Allahu Sirrahu)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Qari obaid ur rehman's mp3 qirat for download

1-Sura e fatiha

2-Sura e baqara part 1
part 2
part 3

3- Sura e Aal e Imran part 1
part 2
part 3

4-Sura An-Nisa part1

5-Sura Al-Maayidah part1
part 2

6-Sura Al An'aam part1
part 2

7-Sura Al-Ae'raaf part1
part 2
part 3

8-Sura Al-Anfaal part1
part 2

9-Sura At-Tauba part1
part 2

10-Sura Al Younus part1

11-Sura Al hood
12-Sura Yousuf

13-Sura Ar-Ra'ad part1

14-Sura Ibrahim
15-Sura Al Hijr

16-Sura An Nahl part 1

17-Sura Bani Israeel part1
part 2

18-Sura Al Kahf part 1

19-Sura Al Maryam

20-Sura e Taaha part1

21-Sura e Anbiya

22-Sura e Hajj part1
part 2

23-Sura e Mominuun

24-Sura Al Noor part1

25-Sura Al Furqan

26-Sura Ash-Sho'araa part1

27-Sura Al Naml part1

28-Sura al Qasas

29-Sura Al Ankaboot part1

30-Sura Ar-room
31-Sura e Luqman
32-Sura e Sajda

33-Sura Al Ahzab part1

34-Sura Al Saba

35-Sura Al Faatir part1

36-Sura Yasin

37-Sura Al Saffat part1

38-Sura Al Soad
39-Sura Al Zomar

40-Sura Al momin part1


41-Sura Haa Meem Ass-Sajdah

42-Sura Al Shuura part1


43-Sura Al Zokhraf
44-Sura Al Dukhan
45-Sura Al Jasia
46-Sura Al Ahqaf
47-Sura Muhammad
48-Sura Al Fath
49-Sura Al Hujrat

50-Sura Qaaf part1

51-Sura Al Zariyat
52-Sura Al Toor
53-Sura Al Najam
54-Sura Al Qamar
55-Sura Ar-Rehman
56-Sura Al Waqia part1
Sura Al Waqia part2
57-Sura Al Hadeed
58-Sura Al Mujaadla
59-Sura Al Hashr
60-Sura e Mumtahinah

61-Sura e Saff part1

62-Sura Al Jummah
63-Sura Al Munafiquun
64-Sura At-Taghabun

65-Sura At Talaq

66-Sura At Tahrim

67-Sura Al Mulk

68-Sura Al Qalam

69-Sura Al-Haaqa
70-Sura Al-Ma'arij
71-Sura Nooh
72-Sura e Jinn
73-Sura Al Muzammil
74-Sura al Mudathir
75-Sura Al Qiyama
76-Sura Ad Dahar
77-Sura Al Mursalaat
78-Sura Al Naba
79-Sura An Naaziaat

80-Sura Al Abas part1

81-Sura At Takweer
82-Sura Al Infitar
83-Sura Al Mutaffiin
84-Sura Al Inshiqaq

85-Sura Al-Buruuj
86-Sura At-Tariq

87-Sura Al-Aala
88-Sura Al Ghashiya

89-Sura Al Fajr

90-Sura Al Baled
91-Sura Ash Shams

92-Sura Al Layeil
93-Sura Adh Dhoha
94-Sura Al-Sharah
95-Sura At Teen
96-Sura Al-Alaq
97-Sura Al Qadr
98-Sura Al Bayyinah
99-Sura Az Zilzal
100-Sura Al-aadiyat
101-Sura Al Qariah
102-Sura At-Takaasur
103-Sura Al-Asr
104-Sura Al-Humaza
105-Sura Al-fiil
106-Sura Al-Quraish
107-Sura Al-Maa'uun
108-Sura Al-Kauthar
109-Sura Al-Kaafiruun
110-Sura An-Nasr
111-Sura Al-Lahab
112-Sura Al-Ikhlas
113-Sura Al-Falaq
114-Sura An-Nas

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