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Monday, August 15, 2011

2.5% or 25% ?choice is yours !!!!

Assalam u alayekum !
May peace be upon you o readers!

Today i was reading that famous U.S billionaire has written an article for Seattle Times and demanded from government that it should raise taxes on Rich ones.Currently the middle class of U.S.A is paying 25% tax per Annum and the Elite class is paying 17.4%.
This shows a clear paradox in U.S society becuase they lack the implication of the divine guidance.Not only U.S.A ,but every country where such paradoxes are present they result into rendering the economy less stable.

Then what is the solition to all this headache?

The solution lies in Divine Financial Guideline where Rich or poor each has to pay a tax with the rate of 2.5% instead of different rates,if they possess money or gold or cattle etc which is worth of or is surplus to equavilent of a certain amount,for a year constantly.Divine law also makes clear that this collected tax will not be spent on the luxurious items and on the building of infrastructure rather it will be given to those who are needy,poor etc.It also makes sure that the priority should be given to your kin as The Charity begins at home.This priorty check makes an effective use of this tax and the bonds between kins are hence improved.

If the money remains unspent even after spending on the 8 causes as mentioned by divine law (i.e surplus money is kept as unspent),that money is kept in a financial department which makes sure that in case of emergency or in future if a needy one comes ,his needs may be satisfied with that money.

Therefor come to Islam,come to the divine law since it has the guarantee to success.Islam is the only religion which ensures financial guidelines for its followers and some of its guidelines are even being followed by the West which is always creating confusion about Muslims.Only Islam ensures that its followers are equal in each aspect whether it be the social,cultural or financial aspect.The standard of greatness is piety in Islam ,not the wealth.

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