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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reward for muhsineen

And We bestowed upon him Ishâq (Isaac) and Ya'qûb (Jacob), each of them We guided, and before him, We guided Nûh (Noah), and among his progeny Dawûd (David), Sulaimân (Solomon), Ayub (Job), Yûsuf (Joseph), Mûsa (Moses), and Hârûn (Aaron). Thus do We reward the Al-Muhsineen (good doers)

And Zakariyâ (Zachariya), and Yahya (John) and 'Īsā (Jesus) and Iliyâs (Elias), each one of them was of the righteous.

And Ismâ'il (Ishmael) and Al-Yas'â (Elisha), and Yûnus (Jonah) and Lut (Lot), and each one of them We preferred above the 'Alamîn [(mankind and jinn) (of their times)].

Al an'aam 84-86

Saleh (Pious) progeny is also a blessing of Allah upon the pious ones.

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