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Saturday, October 1, 2011

An analogy in Pakistan's present situation

And you see those in whose hearts there is a disease (of hypocrisy), they hurry to their friendship, saying: "We fear lest some misfortune of a disaster may befall us." Perhaps Allâh may bring a victory or a decision according to His Will. Then they will become regretful for what they have been keeping as a secret in themselves.

And those who believe will say: "Are these the men (hypocrites) who swore their strongest oaths by Allâh that they were with you (Muslims)?" All that they did has been in vain (because of their hypocrisy), and they have become the losers.

Al maeda 52

These verses are clearly showing the nature of those who are among Muslims but have weak faiths or just Muslims for the sake of the name.Today we see many groups and individuals hoping for Pakistan and India's friendship.Some people are even saying that these boundaries do not mean anything to us and that we should remove this boundaries and become one.They are talking false.Allah is saying us to do not take non-believers/polytheists as our auliya (friends/protectors/those upon which one can rely) and these people are talking so ,just because of their own benefits.This is utterly wrong.

This argument also proves that establishment of Pakistan was a blessing for Muslims otherwise Muslims had to be dependant on Hindus as they were before partition.there was a very minor representation of Muslims in honourable professions.Mostly they were employed as peons or sweepers.The creation of Pakistan was inevitable because Muslims of sub-continent had willed for a separate country where they will not be dependant upon Hindus to perform their religious rituals and obligations.Where they will not be butchered for slaughtering cows.where they would not be interfered while praying.They wanted to get rid of the dependance of Hindus and this will of their was in accord with the above verses.Hence it had to be established.But some people yet say that it was better if Sub-continent was not divided.They should look upon the miserable state of Muslims in india.Hindus are'nt ready to accept even the most secular and liberal Muslims of India like emran Hahmi,Shaban Azmi et.Both of them were not allowed to buy a house in Mumbai beause they were Muslims.they should also remember the twicely happened riots of Gujrat and the the Babri Masjid riots of 1990's.They should also see how Hindus murdered Sikhs who were closer to hindus in ideology,just because they were not Hindus.They should also see that Dar-ul-uloom deoband gave a fatwa in the recent past that it is not permissible for Indian Muslims to slaughter cow while residing in India,just to please teh Hindu authorities.If they had been india,would they like to follow such clerics?

So better think next time when you say that we should remove these boundaries or that establishment of Pakistan was not a good measure or was foolishness etc.Because our purpose was to get ourselves independant of Hindus,our purpose was to be in a state where we would not rely on Hindus and that purpose was in accord to the above verse.

May Allah protect Pakistan and make us able to implement Islam in its full capacity in Pakistan.aamin,

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