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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The guidance is complete;no excuse wil be accepted now

(Had We not sent this book,) you would (have an excuse to) say, “The Book was sent down only upon two groups before us, (i.e. the Jews and the Christians) and we were unaware of what they read.”

Or you would say, “If the Book had been sent down to us, we would have been more adhering to the right path than they are.” Now there has come to you a clear sign from your Lord, and a guidance and mercy. So, who is more unjust than the one who gives the lie to the verses of Allah and turns away from them? We will recompense those who turn away from Our verses with an evil punishment, because of their turning away.

Al an'aam 156-157

This is a clear sign for those who keep defying democracy and its subsequents day and night.They should get advice.Allah has mentioned in Quran to judge according to His command but people now are running towards democracy which thrives on legislature by men (whether they are capable of it or not).

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