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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why democracy is cursed!!!!!

Assalam u alayekum!
May peace be upon you readers!

Democracy is against Islam and it is cursed.So,it is never going to be successfull.That is something which saints do'nt speak of but my spiritual guide and Murshid Maulana Sheikh Nazim Qaddas Allahu Sirrahu (May Allah sanctify his secret) has been speaking about it.Democracy can declare that the place of head is on the feet and that of feet is on the head.Democracy just counts the people.It does'nt bother that what is the eligibility or credibility of a person who is voting.The vote of an illetrate and that of a qualified person is equal.Therefore an illetrate and poor person,whose vote can be bought with money decides the fate of the nation.

Secondly,democracy is making mankind proud.Rulers in Islamic countries are saying that we are bringing this law and that law.Go to hell!!! may curse upon be you rulers and your democratic system.Sharia'atUllah is clear and everything has been defined.Why do you need to bring these new laws which are against the sharia'at (Divine guidance).

Some may say that appointment of four righteous caliphs was as a result of voting/counseling.Was'nt that democracy???The answer is abig nio because those who were casting votes were highly qualified among the rest.You can say that those were the few among the very best of the companions of Syedna Muhammad Salla'l la ho alye hi wa aalihi wasallam .And it was understood that the person so elected will run the government in the light of Divine guidance not in the light of self manufactured constitutions (as it is being practiced now a days).

Therefore the time is over.InshaAllah democracy is going to be taken away very soon.The time of appearance of Syedna Mahdi Alaye Hi Salam has almost just arrived.and these democratic regimes are about to be over inshaAllah.

May Allah save us from being the supporters of emocracy and May Allah make us among the steadfast supporters of Syyedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam and save us from fitna of Dajjal.aamin

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