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Monday, May 23, 2011

Usama bin laden's death:mystery or hoax?????

Assalam u alayekum!!!!!!

May peace be upon you all readers.

its been more than 20 days that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.He was indeed a terrorist and a defamer of Islam.He defamed Islam and i personally think that due to his wrong policies and actions Muslims suffered a lot in the whole world.It was his voilent policies that put Muslims under the criticism.I do'njt know why people are'nt accepting that he was the master mind+organiser+planner of 9/11.His 19 allies were sitting besides him in a video and those were 19 persons who were involved in the attacks.Off course Islam does not allow such activities.These are khawarij.It is obligatory for we Muslims to refute such activities.This was'nt Jihad off course.

This incident was'nt a hoax either.Usama bin laden was alive.He was in abbotabad,living there in a compund worth more than 8 crore enjoying satellite t.v ,enjoying himself with rabbits and chicken.He had three trucks full of ration which pak army took away with it later.

None of his sons or wives or other relatives refuted that he was involved in 9/11 attacks.I dont know why Pakistanis are dying to support him?

He was a bloody coward.I would say that a miserable life he led and a miserable death.

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